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Biomass tracking map
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June 26, 2018, 05:08:19 AM
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Admin, please delete if this is now allowed.

Hi all,

I've been fortunate enough to spend some time working with a great team building an agtech product that I think members of this forum will find useful.

The tool is called Decipher (, and it's built by a team in Perth, Western Australia.

Decipher is a precision agriculture tool that allows you to see satellite Biomass (NDVI) imagery for your farm. With Decipher you can compare monthly and seasonal growth on your farm through easy to understand imagery.

Decipher is useful not only for farmers but also for agronomist, consultants and researchers.

The tool works on desktop, tablet and mobile.
It also comes with an app on your phone as well.

Desktop -
App Store -
Google Play -

Feel free to try it out - it is free!

Thank you.


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