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Best healthy food for healthy life


A healthy food is a must for people seeking to boost their eating habits & start on a diet of good nutrition and gives vital minerals and vitamins that the person wants for their mind and body. Also, it gives the energy the person needs to face the world. They frequently underestimate healthy food when it comes about the taste and flavor that junk food gives; however, eating healthy food is always essential on a long term basis. Researches prove that consuming good food has a direct effect on the quality of your life, despite of your age, sex, or physical capability.

List of Healthy Foods:

Brown Rice     -       Best food for losing weight.
Spice Foods   -       Spice foods are excellent antioxidants.
Ginger             -      This food is effective in case of nausea and vomiting
Garlic              -       This food is decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels and also
                                           Help with digestion and prevents flatulence.
Vegetable       -      All Vegetable are best for health.


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