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Open: Massive Open Online Courses in ICT/Agriculture
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February 20, 2015, 01:42:51 PM
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Information and communication technologies (ICT) have become fundamental to the functioning of our society, quite like electricity and roads. There are a variety of ways agriculture domain harnesses the power of ICT. In order to appreciate how ICT can be used in agriculture, it is important to understand the basic concepts in this space, their functionality and their limitations.
This course on ICT Basics will cover the fundamentals of ICT. It will deal with how information is gathered from the real world, stored in the machines, transmitted from machine to machine. It will talk about how the system figures out your location and your identity. Management of servers and services over the Cloud is another fundamental ability, which will be discussed.
This course will be followed by advanced courses, which will take you further into ICT applications in modern agriculture.
Who should attend this course?
Being a basic course this should be of interest to everybody who use Cellphones, Computers and various computer based services. In particular, they should be useful to
Students of Agriculture Universities
Faculty of SAU
Agriculture Scientists in ARS
NGOs in Agriculture
Course content
The course content will cover the basic aspects of ICT, especially with a view to their application in agriculture.
Voice and Data Communication   Data and Content Management
Location Recognition   Knowledge Representation
Identity Management   Data Analytics
Parameter Sensing   Social Networking
Internet Technologies   Cloud Computing

At the end of the course, a participant should know about
Website, Web Application
Read/write Web, Semantic Web
Server Side: Web servers, Search Engines
Client side: Browsers, Apps
Basics of Cloud Computing
Access Devices: Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone
Communication Technologies: Voice and Data, 2G, 3G, 4G, GSM, CDMA
Identity and Location: Who are you and where are you, GPRS, Cell towers, Wifi
Data Storage: DBMS, Content management, Knowledge representation and storage
 agMOOCs are offered under the umbrella of NPTEL. Participation certificate and Competency certificate will be given to qualifying students based on their engagement and performance.

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