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« on: October 10, 2014, 09:20:15 AM »
  About 500 acres of farmland for purchase located in Oyo state,Ogbomoso.
It goes for #60,000/acre
 Farmland good for cassava,oilpalm,rice,corn etc. on 08164628081,08092034147

  About 500 acres of farmland for purchase located in Oyo state,Ogbomoso.
It goes for #60,000/acre
 Farmland good for cassava,oilpalm,rice,corn etc. on 08164628081,08092034147

Over 500 acres of land for lease at #60,000/ acre
 Land good for oilpalm,rice,cassava e.t.c

Establishing a Farm / Re: I need Cassava Stem
« on: October 10, 2014, 08:42:38 AM »
  You might not get a maximum yield from harvesting a six month cassava stems; waiting for 8-10 months will be good to get a higher yield.

For Sale / Re: List of Cassava Root Buyers in Nigeria
« on: October 10, 2014, 08:35:17 AM »
Nice thread.

check out our website for free downloads,

check out our website for free downloads,

all what you need including labour, tractors and any thing you need is readily aavailable.

the land per acre is now NN80,000.

Get your lands as soon as possible before it skyrockets to 6 digits figure.

good road network,electricity e.t.c

Agro processor / Business Of Producing Garri Fortified With Vitamin A
« on: July 26, 2014, 12:06:19 PM »
arri fortified with Vitamin A is a new catch
in Nigeria and only very few Garri producers
in Nigeria know about this unique Vitamin A
fortification opportunity.
Differentiating your brand by building and
keeping trust and loyalty among consumers
is increasingly dependent on social or
environmental promises. Brands of the
future anticipate, rather than just respond to,
consumers and customer want.
Garri is both a staple food and a daily meal
to over 150 million people in Nigeria can be
eaten as a snack (cassava flakes) in cold
water on a
very hot day, or cooked in hot water to make
a dough-like meal called “Eba.” You cannot
claim to have eaten any West African food
without having eaten Garri!
Garri is traditionally made at home in Africa.
It is increasingly becoming common to
produce Garri in commercial quantities
using mechanized means.
Garri is made from cassava, the tubers are
harvested and peeled, removing the.covering.
The white pulp is grated in a garri grinding
Before the advent of
machines, the cassava is hand grated. The
grated produce is then put into a jute sack
and the sack tied.
Traditionally, this is left to ferment for three
to seven days depending on the type of garri
being made.
This step is very important, as the
fermentation process helps to reduce and
detoxify the high cyanide content of cassava.
The garri filled sacks are stacked up on each
other, and a wooden board placed below and
above the sacks.
The wooden boards are tied together with the
sacks full of the grated cassava in between.
Tension is created by tightening the rope and
allowing water to run out of the grated
cassava being processed.
Usually, by day three, the grated cassava
would have lost quite some water and
become reasonably dried.
This step is also been by-passed with the use
of machines that compress and squeeze
water out of the grated cassava.
The cassava processing plant is a 5.HP
capacity machine and can produce two (2)
tons of grated cassava tubers.
The major machinery required in the
production of garri is the:
Grating machine
Hydraulic press
Other minor equipments required include
knives/peelers, wheelbarrow, basins,
Vitamin A is important to vision and the
growth of the bones, Night vision is
extremely dependent on vitamin A.
This vitamin helps form pigments that allow
eyes to adjust to changes in light.
Vitamin A plays an important role in immune
system by making white blood cells, which
fight off viruses and bacteria.
Vitamin A deficiency is a major health
problem in Africa. But timely provision of
vitamin A in food and supplements prevents
blindness among pregnant women and
children. We are in a knowledge economy
where scientific
knowledge capital is more important than
financial capital. You can get your Vitamin A
at Bio-Organics.
About Bio-Organics: Bio-Organics Nutrient
Systems Limited located in Ibafo Ogun State
is a Nigerian company that customizes and
supplies vitamin and mineral premixes to the
Nigerian Food, Beverage, Animal Health and
Industries. Bio-Organics manufactures and
distributes its own brand of nutrient-
enriched blends using best manufacturing
Bio-Organics is ISO 22000:2005 certified and
is a certified supplier to the Global Alliance
for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) premixing
facility. Bio-Organics has its cooperate office
located in Lagos, Nigeria with regional offices
in Ibadan, Kaduna,
Benin, Jos and Aba.
The Market Potential of “Vitamin A Fortified”
The market potential for garri is huge and
stable. Why? The reason is because every
day, an African or Nigerian somewhere is
consuming the garri product.
The market value of garri runs into billions of
dollars every year. If you now fortified your
with vitamin, you are broadening your brand
to appeal to additional consumer.
It is believed that in Nigeria, each family pays
about N400 for a five-liter bucket of garri
every week. Then the market potential is 22.5
million (household estimate) times N400,
which equals N 9 billion worth of garri being
consumed every week from our open
Food-packaging is an important facet of any
food industry. It not only provides some
protection from harmful agents, but also
allows that food to be preserved for longer
periods of time. You can package any of
these products in 250 gram, 500
grams, 1kg or 2kg bags. With the population
of over 150 million Nigerians, you will
definitely make a lot of money and this will
prepare you for the international market.
You can also sell to busy office executives
professionals, high-net worth individual, and
supermarkets. The NAFDAC number on your
product will give your food product more
credibility in African foodstuff market
in US and UK
Nigerian farmers can invest in cassava
tubers that will produce Garri and make
millions of naira. Nigeria farmers can now
get a land lease for N5,000 a year per
hectares and plant cassava, which will yield
30 tonnes and the 30 tonnes of
Cassava will produce 10 tonnes of garri;
which is N 1,250,000. This goes a long way
to show that if you add value to your
product, you will make more money.
It is estimated that 20 million people of
Nigerian descent reside outside Nigeria, with
the majority living in the United Kingdom
and the United States.
This is a great opportunity to sell to this
category of people.
My research in this business sector revealed
that the few exporters of African foodstuff
cannot met with the demand of Nigerians,
whose populations are increasing everyday
in US and UK. A lot of Nigerians are opening
a Grocery and foodstuff market in these
These people are looking for regular
suppliers of
garri and other food stuffs like egusi,
ogbono, bitter leaves, Kilishi, etc.
You can get buyer by registering at different
trade porters, or getting listed in the African
foodstuff directories.
Mind you, it’s FREE! I was amazed by the level
of orders coming in recently most from UK
and US
and lot of Nigerians foodstuff exporters have
been very busy exporting these products.
This could be an extra income for you
because it is a business that you can operate
on part-time basis
However, it is important you make your
products reliably and consistently available
to your new target markets and you will be
amazed at the level of patronage.
Drop your comment or questions for
clarifications, more info and technical
Send enquiries to or like us on
Call: 01-7910494 , 08164628081.

  It is no doubt that Nigeria is a blessed
country endowed with natural resources
including land resources With difficulty in
accessing large farmlands due to tenure
systems,investors are now tapping into the
processing aspect of agribusiness which is not
only very lucrative but sustainable.
  This thread is to show you how profitable
processing of agro-commodities is and the
different levels where you can start.
From the mini to small scale to medium and
to large scale production capacity.
.With the abundance of plantain (Nigeria is the
largest producers in West Africa) and cassava
(highest producer in the world),there is
abundance supply but little processing
This is a great oppprtunity for nigerians to take
adavantage of.
 With demand by final consumers abysmally
lower than the supply of these processed food
products,there is a huge opportunity available.
Cost and Profit analysis of Plantain
flour,High quality cassava flour, beans
flour,Plantain chips and lots more will be
shown on this thread and how to take
advantage of the wealth creating
opportunities in this sector.

Capacity 400kg/day

Output per annum 112t/annum

Price (Naira/t) 75000

Number of working days 280

Conversion factor 4:01

Raw material required/annum 448t


Labour Costs N 170,000


Grater 40,000

Press 25,000

Rotary dryer 400kg/day output 400,000

Mechanical sieve . 20,000

Bag sewing machine 55,000

Water 150,000

Processing building 800,000

Weighing Scale 25,000

Installation & other expenses @10% 186,500

Interest on capital @ 22.5% 461,587.50

TOTAL COST N1,871,500

Production/month = 10 -15 tons with
working days of 20days
1 ton of = N75,000
REVENUE = N75,000*10 = N 750,000
Annual Income = #750,000 *12 =
Kindly Drop your comment ,questions for
technical advice,
To write up business plan, feasibity study and
setting up Flour factories, ethanol and any
other processing plant, call 01-7910494,
08164628081 or
like our facebook page for more money making opportunities in agriculture.

From my previous articles,i analysed how
agriculture will be the mainstay of our
economy in the nearest future.How our
major buyers of oil will look else where for
oil ( US our major buyer have stopped
buying oil from Nigeria and have started
drilling and exporting shale oil and Gas)
We now have india as our only major buyer
with different countries competitors now
discovering oil.
It has also be stated that in the next
40years,our oil depleted which is also
another cause for reasoning and diversified
into a sustainable and wealth creating
It is like 100 vegetable oil suppliers fighting
to sell to 1 customers. I think it is simple
reasoning for a savvy investors that there is
no future in that kind of business except you
find other ways to capture value from the
customer differentiated from other
Nigeria is blessed with so much
inexhaustible land resources for agriculture
but due to numerous land tenure system
militating against investors having access to
Thats the reason for thousands of farmers/
producers with small scale farms ( less than
But there is only one way to tap into the
riches in agriculture which is BY PROCESSING
Processing/manufactiring of agro
commodities is the gateway to making
millions in no time. Its not only safeguard
you from land issues,it put you in a strategic
good price giver position in the market.
Producers/Farmers can be organised into
groups to produced the raw materials for the
factories which will.safeguard agaonst having
issues with land problems associated with
Although,processing requires a lot of money
to start up,it is worth it in terms of millions it
will.generate in no much time with your
investment recovered back.
Assuming 6Million is required to start a
small scale cassava flour,you can start saving
500K/month for a year to accomplish that or
250K/month for 2 years.
Remember when there is a will and
determination,there is a way.
Ethanol,flours such as rice
tyres(made from rubber) are some of the
processed products from agriculture.
I now understand why Dangote said"one of
his earliest mistake he made was starting late
manufacturing commodities he was trading
Agribusiness Companies in.developing
countries like Brazil,Argentina that have
started processing of agricultural products
are now raking in billions of cash annually
One of them LosGrobo,a family business and
also into.farming of wheat,corn
and.soybeans raked in over 1 billion dollar
last year just by processing of wheat alone.
This is the future of prosperity in the
agribusiness industry.
Kindly Drop your comment ,questions
For technical advice,
To write up business plan, feasibity study
and setting up Flour factories, ethanol and
any other processing plant, call
01-7910494,08164628081 or email
like us on
for more agribusiness wealth creating ideas.

  Recently,the business of agriculture has taken a new dimension and stakeholders in the policy formulation have change the level of administering agriculture as a developmental activity to a more pragmatic,business-like approach.
 This cause a surge in the investors,entrepreneurs,and industrialists to.participate in.agribusiness.
 With the insurgence of small-medium.scale farms,processing factories,increment in exportation activities of agro-preneurs and investors,agribusiness industry is the next biggest wealth creator,high margin income generator to the country's economy.
 States such as Ogun,Osun,Lagos and Port-harcourt have witness about $9billion dollars foreign direct investment in agriculture in the last 2 years alone which is expected to triple that amount in the next years.

  Firstly,the robust agricultural loans and credits for the agribusiness chain value from the farmers to the traders and to the processor at low interest rate has been put in place by various commercial banks in Nigeria made possible through the Nigerian Incentive-based Risk-Sharing System For Agricultural Lending (NIRSAL).
  NIRSAL was initiated by the Central bank of Nigeria and its perhap the most comprehensive and ambitious agricultural lending strategy which focuses on the agricultural value chain so that banks can lend to agricultural value chain by offering strong incentives and technical assistance.
  Dying Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation have also been reverbrated and about 100 million dollars injected for its operations.
  Variety of risks including weather and all other risks can now be insured under the various products rolled out for farmers,traders and processor of agribusinessmen/women.

  Secondly,by 2050 the population of the world will have over 9 billion people with more than 30% of that to be on Sub-saharan Africa alone.
 By then Nigeria population is expected to have quadruple to about 600 million people.
Lands for.cultivation is expected to have decrease because of urbanisation (population seeking land to build houses) which will put more pressure on lands for cultivation purposes.
 An increased population of the Middle class (people earning $100,000 and above/year) is also expected to consume more of fresh produce and processed agric-products from producers and processors.
This will in many ways improve tremendously the income of the farmers and processor of agro-commodities.

 The Third Reason: Technology and innovations is also expected to have change the way fresh and processed produce are to be made available to the final consumers.Selling of farm produce on e-commerce sites and websites are expected to make more farmers multi-millionaire in the shortest possible time ever.
 The agric sector will be buoyant in.few years time because of gradual abandonment of oil by the government which has been faced with major challenges of flunctuation of oil price in the world market, lack of patronage from the major buyer (USA), and cost of importation of this refined products.
 In summary,the next future will see the next Dangote emerge from the agribusiness industry.
Drop your comments,questions for more info or technical assistance.
Like our fan page on

You can never go wrong with plantain farming business.
like us on

General Information:
A garri processing factory can be located anywhere, as long as you as you can get access to the raw materials mostly cassava tubers.
  Many micro and small factories of this kind were encountered in the rural areas during the field research for this article.
More than half of these factories were owned and operated successfully by women with little or no
education. The rural areas are ideal for garri
processing because that is where the cassava
farms are, and you do not need much else.
   Training requirement is basic education.
Additional training could be acquired in process
technology from a university or technical
  The business has the potentials to grow into a
major agro-allied processing business.

Products and Services:
The basic product is garri. However, it is possible to diversify with production of starch, especially in the long term.
Total Cost: N5, 000,000 to N15, 000,000
including cost of equipment and machinery,
materials, and labour at start up.
Summary of Startup
Startup Requirements Costs
1. Business registration and  Agency fees
2. Insurance
3. Others
1. 100,000
2. 100,000
3. 300,000
Total Startup Expenses 500,000
Startup Assets
1. Cash required at startup for recurrent
expenses (1 year forecast)
2. Startup Inventory/Stock (6 months)
3. Cost of other assets required at startup (office
furniture and  fittings, equipment/machinery)
1. 600,000
2. 2,500,000
3. 2,000,000
Total Assets 5,100,000
Total Requirements 5,600,000
Company Ownership: Ownership models
recommended for this type of business are:
Sole proprietorship: in which the business is
owned by an individual, the owner-manager. If
you already have some skills in this field and
have acquired basic education, then this is the
best option for you.

Partnership: this form of ownership
arrangement involving 2 to 4 partners (we do not
recommend more than 4 partners) it may be
necessary where you do not have the right mix of
skills to run the business successfully. The
partners could come with required skills.
Partners can also be taken into the business in
order to raise additional funds for its operations.

Market Analysis: The analysis provides the
minimum marketing targets the entrepreneur
should aim to achieve. It is expected that these
targets will be surpassed easily.
Potential customers:
Households,Restaurants, hotels, and Boarding schools

Strategy and Implementation Summary: SWOT
Analysis of Business Idea


Huge demand
Availability of raw materials
Simplicity of idea
Easy to acquire technical and
management skills.


Considerable competition
Production process is strenuous
Production is perishable, and preservation
technique is not developed


PUBLIC is prepared to facilitate access to
LOCAL GOVT. is creating enabling

Down turn in economy
Increasing world demand for starch cold
lead to higher cost of cassava

Competitive Advantage: The competitive
advantage here will stem from a combination of
the following factors:
Good quality  product
Good marketing and relationship management
Good pricing

Marketing Strategy: It is recommended that the
business owner market the product through
wholesalers of foodstuff in the major markets in
Rivers State, particularly Port-Harcourt, urban and
semi-urban cities.

Sales Strategy: A simple sales strategy that will
make for ease in paying and taking delivery of
product should be adopted. The business owner-
manager should be involved in the sales drive in
the first three years of the business.

Important Milestone: 4 weeks – develop
business plan; 7 weeks – get registered; 10 weeks
– buy equipment, supplies, and set up shop; 12
weeks – first products get to customers.

Number of Employees required at startup: 8 to
15 persons including the business owner-

Personnel Plan
Personnel Plan
1. Business Owner-Manager
2. Technical Assistant/Foreman
3. 3 Production staff
4. 3 Security officers/Cleaners
  YEAR 1
1. 300,000
2. 216,000
3. 432,000
4. 96,000
  YEAR 2
1. 360,000
2. 264,000
3. 540,000
4. 120,000
  YEAR 3
1. 420,000
2. 336,000
3. 648,000
4. 144,000
Total Payroll  For YeAr1 =1,044,000
Year 2 =1,284,000; Year 3= 1,548,000

Startup Funding and Investment Plan
Startup Funding Sources Amount (N)
1.Business Owner
3.Additional investment required (from financial
institutions and others
Total funding 5,600,000

Important Assumptions:
Additional investment required (from LOCAL
GOVT., financial institutions and others) will be
High quality of products to enhance easy
penetration into the market
The business will quickly develop a customer

Revenue Projection (3 years):
Year        Output (Bags)    Total revenue(N'000)
1.             288                    1,440
2.             576                    2,880
3.             720                    3,600

Price @#5,000/bag
 Drop your comment or questions for
clarifications, more info and technical assistance. Remain blessed.
To help you write a business plan or feasibility study call 01-7910494 or 08164628081 or like us

  Plantain as a  major source of food in many
regions throughout Nigeria and Sub-saharan Africa can be grown and processed profitably in Nigeria.
The production of plantain as shown from research is over 70 million metric tones per
year. Despite this figure, we are still in short supply meaning that demand is more than supply.

 Plantain can either be used for domestic consumption or as a source of raw material by other processing producers.
  For instance, plantain can be processed into chips or flour and sold locally or export abroad.
 Plantain flour because of its value has now become a popular food today in both local and foreign market.
 In Nigeria, the potential national demand for
plantain flour has been estimated to be in excess of 200,000 Tonnes/Annum
 The current supply level is probably less than
20% of the estimated demand with only few
companies producing on mechanized and
commercial scale.

 The facilities required for a small/medium
scale plantain flour mill include drying
machine, slicing/chipping machine, milling
machine and packaging machine.
 The average production cost per Kg of plantain
flour is N236, while the average retail price per
Kg of good quality plantain flour is N330 per
  Plantain is the major raw material for plantain
flour production, and it is available all year
round in commercial quantities in many parts
of Nigeria such as Enugu,Imo,Osun,Oyo,Ogun,Anambra,Bayelsa e.t.c
 Nigeria is said to be the largest producer of plantain in West Africa.
 The processing line for plantain flour
production is as follows:

1. Sorting: This involves inspection of plantain
fingers to identify and remove unsuitable ones
i.e. spoilt, immature pulps e.t.c.

2. Weighing: The sorted plantains are properly
weighed to quantify input of the raw plantain.

3. Blanching: The green plantain fruits are
soaked in hot water for some minutes to soften
the skin for easy peeling.

4. Peeling: The plantain peels are removed
manually using sharp knives to obtain the
5. Slicing/Chipping: The pulp is sliced or
chipped with the aid of a mechanical slicer.

6. Drying: The sliced plantain is dried in a
short time with the aid of an industrial drying

7. Milling: The dried plantain slices/chips are
milled in a hammer mill.

8. Sieving: The flour is sieved to obtain the
desire particle size.

9. Packaging: The flour is packaged in moisture
proof packaging material ready for sale.

 Now, if you operate a plantain flour mill that
has the capacity to process 1tonne of plantain
flour per day, and you implement a good and
efficient marketing strategy, the following
average monthly figures are true:
Production volume per month = 29tones
Sales = N9, 570,000
Direct cost of sales = N6, 844,000
Miscellaneous = N500,000
Profit per month = N2,226,000.
  Plantain flour mill can be operated profitably
any where in Nigeria. The start-up cost at a
small scale is approximately N6,000,000. This
will cover the cost of procurement of land,
factory construction, furniture, vehicle and procurement/installation of machinery.
Drop your comment or questions for clarifications, more info and technical assistance.

Call 08164628081,01-7910494
Also,Like our facebook fanpage on for more wealth creating info in agribusiness.

Make hay while the sun shines.
 Start making your future count Now by investing in Cassava farming business.

 Our plantain management programme is located in Ogun,Oyo and Osun State.
To.participate email or call 08164628081,01-7910494 for.more info.
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Marketing of cassava is.not as hard as farmers do think.
Know how and where to sell your cassava and cassava products to to make you a good profit.
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How to Post on Agric Forum / Re: we need cassava in large quantity
« on: June 24, 2014, 04:11:57 AM »
Marketing of cassava is.not as hard as farmers do think.
Know how and where to sell your cassava and cassava products to to make you a good profit.
To get this info like our fan page on

You can never go wrong with cassava farming business.Start your investment now.

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