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The following Business plans are available at Kaspharyn Solutions;
1. Rubber Plantation with Intercrops
2. Organic Moringa Products Manufacturing for Domestic and Export Markets
3. Commercial Pig (Porkers) Production


Walk up to any Participating Financial Institutions (PFIs) with your Business Plan. You just need any of your School Certificate, 1 guarantor and your BVN to access between 500,000 to 5,000,000. Explore more here:

Loan and Grant opportunities / Re: BUSINESS PLAN FOR AGRIBUSINESS
« on: November 05, 2015, 03:03:06 PM »
Serving Corp members can now accessed up to 2million from Bank of Industry to kickstart their business.

Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development invites interested and eligible potential Nagropreneurs (Graduated Youth) and Market Oriented Producers (Young School Leavers and Out of School Rural Youth) of age 18-35 years and registered business entrepreneurs, Youth Associations to express interest in participating in YEAP.

YEAP will empower over the next three (3) years 18,500 Nagropreneurs (500 per state) and 740,000 Market-Oriented Producers (Rural Youth) 20,000 per state from 36 States and the FCT. The 36 States and FCT are to be admitted in batches in the first three (3) years of the programme,.... Read more and participate....

That is the exact price the Amiran kit is being sold in Kenya, the statement was made by a Kenya entrepreneur, but in Nigeria the kit is still over a 1 Million. Moreover, Nigeria monetary value is not the same with Kenya. Even in Kenya, farmers are still complaining of the high cost.


'The Best Way to Start / Expand a Business is to Plan the Business. A Well Planned Business Stands the Test of Time and Opens Door for Opportunities'

Do you need a Standard Business Plan with accurate Financial Analyses & Infograghics to develop your business concept or access loan/fund from Bank of Agriculture (BOA), Bank of Industry (BOI), BOI/GEF, Micro finance Banks and other Financial lending Institutions to kick-start or expand your business?

Do you also need Standard Business Plan to benefit from Entrepreneurship Programmes, Grants-giving Programmes, Business Plan Competitions or Govt.-Empowerment programmes?

Contact Kaspharyn Solutions, Nigeria 1 Agribusiness Development and Planning Consultancy Now!!!

Whatsapp or Call: +2347066515451; +2348056766126

Check out for Viable Agribusinesses You can Invest in and their Business Plan:

As green house offers new hope of continuous production of vegetables (such as tomatoes and sweet peppers). The challenge is the cost of procurement from one and only Dizengoff (the so called Amiran Kits), observed a Kenya based electrical engineer turned farmer.
The owner of the Company vowed to make Nigeria highest exporter of Tomatoes, how will this be possible when they are selling their Amiran kit at a skyrocketed price which smallholder farmers cannot afford.
The truth is many young agropreneurs are willing to procure Amiran kits being supplied by Dizengoff, “Amiran kit is my target, and they offer loans but what am not sure is how viable the idea is” said Kenneth. Continue Reading here:

« on: August 02, 2014, 09:11:37 AM »
Title: THE DREAM: How I Learned the Risks and Rewards of Entrepreneurship and Made Millions

Author: Gurbaksh Chahal
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
Pages: 257
Format: PDF
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0230610951
ISBN-13: 978-0230610958
Size: 1.02 MB

Description: In The Dream, Chahal’s refreshing advice for entrepreneurs encourages them to embrace risk and to carve out new niches in the marketplace. He emphasizes the value of good business timing: how to execute an idea and get it to the marketplace, how to create and maintain solid business relationships, how to stay grounded, and - most importantly - how to teach yourself that failure is not an option. Chahal’s story not only shows how a 16-year-old immigrant overcame discrimination and adversity to fulfill his highest ambitions, but also provides aspiring entrepreneurs with valuable hands-on advice on how to achieve success.

To get this Ebook, like our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter,
Drop your Email address in the comment section of our Facebook Page to receive the it.

Share this info with your fellow entrepreneurs.

One Young World Summit is an annual event which gathers together the brightest young people from around the world, empowering them to make lasting connections and develop solutions to some of the world’s most pressing issues. In this Summit, most valuable young talent from global and national companies, NGO’s, Universities and other forward-thinking organizations are joined by World leaders, acting as the One Young World counselors, to create positive change.
One Young World Summit, 2014, takes place in Dublin, Ireland from 15-19 October.
Most of these One Young World Counselors are; Kofi Annan (former UN Sec. Gen.), Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu, Sir Richard Branson (CEO, Virgin Group), Paul Polman (CEO, Unilever), etc........ Get Guides on how to apply here:

Enactus Kenya and Syngenta has jointly launched Agribusiness competition in Africa to promote new business opportunities in crop value chains in Africa; raise awareness of opportunities in agriculture; identify wealth creation activities among communities in Africa and make agriculture “cool” for the youth. The Competition targets youth between the age of 18 and 30 years and has two parts: an essay (or Business Idea Competition) and video clips (or Agribusiness Messaging Competition). Successful 25 semi finalists will receive USD 1,000 cash grants to test out their agribusiness ideas in real business situation. Learn how to participate here:

« on: May 12, 2014, 10:42:17 AM »
Are you a young and vibrant African youth who wishes to acquire professional experience, leadership skill and international exposure through volunteerism? Can you bring about continental and sustainable development through service to mankind? Then, African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) is the right program for you.
African Union Youth Volunteer Corps (AU-YVC) is a continental development program that recruits and works with youth volunteers from within the African Union and the Diaspora, to work in all 54 countries across the African Union.  Continue to apply here:


Many agribusiness owners have gone bankrupt because they failed to prioritize the need of the consumers. In order to successfully benefit from the opportunities of the market, it is necessary to understand the market (local, domestic or export) and prepare well for it. For organic products, marketing is especially important as the higher value and sometimes price of organic products often needs to be explained accordingly to customers.
Demand for organic products is growing in nearly all countries of the world due to growing awareness and improved availability for organic products. Therefore, North America, the European Union, Switzerland and Japan are the largest markets for organic products; Consumers are increasingly buying organic for the following reasons:
• They want to buy guaranteed food which is produced without pesticides; ..... Continue reading here:

Are you a youth and you have a non-governmental organization (NGO) comprising youths that you are managing? Do you have a project that will focus on Grassroots development and address social problems such as youth unemployment and poverty? Will your project enhance access  to  affordable  housing  and  secure  land  tenure,  safer  cities  and  participation  in  decision making. Youth-led Development should give young people valuable skills such as project management and teamwork, thus boosting their ability to acquire jobs and participate actively in society. Then, this is an opportunity for you to apply for UN HABITAT Youth Grant to finance your Project. The UN-HABITAT Youth Fund is a programme initiated by the United Nations Human Settlement Programme  (UN-HABITAT)  to  support  urban  youths  in  developing  countries  with  the  aim  of advancing  the  achievement  of  the  Millennium  Development  Goals  and  the  Habitat  Agenda. The Urban Youth Fund has an annual budget of USD 1 million allocated for grants to youth-led projects in the developing world.  The Fund is established with support from the Government of Norway and the resolution was the fund should support those young people who need assistance the most, in particular the most vulnerable in urban slums. The fund is administered by a secretariat within UN-HABITAT in Nairobi, Kenya. Learn how to apply here:

News / Very Important Notice From Agropreneur Zone
« on: March 24, 2014, 05:44:43 PM »
Agropreneur Zone is a community designed for young entrepreneurs. It keeps people abreast of Information that cut across Agriculture, Agricultural opportunities, Agribusiness Opportunities, Career development, Economy, Environment, etc. You can find out more here: ( or simply connect with us on Facebook here ( and Twitter (@AgropreneurZone)

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News / Vote Agropreneur Zone Blog for YoBloCo Award!!!
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Arla Foods is the world’s largest organic dairy company and a co-operative owned by dairy farmers. They have production facilities in 12 countries and sales offices in a further 30, with a total of more than 18,000 employees. Their products are sold under the well-known brands Arla®, Lurpak® and Castello® in more than 100 countries. Foods turn milk into innovative products and strive to bring consumers around the world closer to nature.

Would you like to be part of a team that makes Lurpak®, Castello® and Arla® known around the world? Are you Ready to Release your Full Potential?
Arla Foods offers an attractive graduate programme and the opportunity to develop unique competencies in order to pursue an international career in the region.
The programme consists of three rotations, each lasting 6 months (18 months). In each rotation period, you will be challenged with new project assignments that will enable you to build unique competences within your profession. At least two of the rotations will be outside your home country but within the Middle Eastern and African countries, MEA. During your assignments you will be challenged to work both within teams and independently. They will involve you in their daily operations and complex business challenges to ensure that you build strong business capabilities. At the end of each assignment you will have acquired strong knowledge of Arla Foods’ local and global operations and created professional and personal results. Continue reading here:

Technological innovation is taking place at a breath-taking pace. Simple, open source internet-based applications and services designed to enhance on-line collaboration are now available to the wider public at little or no cost at all. These new online technologies known as Web 2.0 and Social Media applications enable people to collaborate to create, share and publish information.
The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation EU-ACP (CTA) has a mandate to facilitate access to and dissemination of information in the fields of agriculture and rural development in 78 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific (ACP). Supporting the adoption of Web 2.0 applications and Social Media represents a great opportunity for meeting it.
The Bowen University in collaboration with CTA will host a 5-day Web 2.0 and Social Media Learning Opportunity on7-11 April 2014. Participants will be introduced to selected web 2.0 applications including social media and will learn how to use them hands-on.
The Learning Opportunity will cover advanced online searching, getting information served via alerts and RSS, collaborating remotely using wikis and Google Docs, using VoIP, online mapping and social networking. Participants will get a chance to see what others have done, get hands-on experience on how to use innovative applications, and assess how they could adopt these innovations within the context of their work and organisation.
This Learning Opportunity forms part of CTA initiatives that support development partners in networking, accessing and disseminating information more effectively. continue reading here:

Agricultural Training / IHAV CONFERENCE FOR AFRICA’S YOUTH, 2014
« on: March 06, 2014, 04:08:03 PM »


IHAV is an acronym for “I Have A Vision”. IHAV conference, however, is the initiative of IHAV Foundation founded by a group of young African visionaries. Youth visionaries from all across Africa will be converging at Accra, Ghana this year, 2014. Africa’s youths will have opportunity dialoguing, sharing ideas and even experience new perspectives on Africa’s Agricultural Sector. IHAV conference is a project-based conference which will gather from across the globe, 100 outstanding and innovative African youth visionaries and 10 inspiring leaders and change champions to discuss topics of global relevance, and come up with sustainable projects particularly directed at improving quality of life in Africa. At the conference, participants will be taken through several workshops, discussions, debates and talks to challenge them to not just be problem identifiers, but providers of sustainable solutions.
1.      AWARD: All participants will be awarded with certificates at the end of the conference. Three (3) outstanding project proposals will be chosen by the jury and supported for implementation.
2.      ACCOMODATION: Accommodation for the nights of 30th July, 31st July, 1st August and 2nd August 2014.  Continue reading here:

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Creating a new enterprise can be one of the most exciting management challenges. Numerous Agropreneurs have built successful Agro-industries and Companies by discovering and meeting unmet needs. There are many motives for starting a new Agribusiness. Some Agropreneur learn from successful family role models. A few stumble onto an entrepreneurial careers path by inventing a new product/services and building a business around it. However, the common qualities of success bound Agropreneur include the following;
1. Decisiveness and Goals setting skills: One of the major tasks of an agropreneur is the ability to make decision on his own which will have far-reaching effects on the effectiveness of agribusiness. The goals set by successful agropreneur are specific, measurable, accurate, realistic, and time-bound.
2. Business Secret Keeping Skills: This is the ability to guard against business secrets/information leakage. These kinds of secrets/information are particular to different agribusinesses and such is what is giving them economic advantages. The secrets may be contained in the products, processing, packaging, brand, etc. continue reading here:

Goat farming is a profitable enterprise that is now attracting investors. Goats are essentially raised for their meat and milk. Commercial goat farmers have been rearing goats under intensive and semi-intensive system of management using improved technologies, (such as prophylaxis, superior germplasm, low cost feeds and fodders and innovative marketing of the produce), this act has become imperative not only for realizing their full potential but also to meet the increasing demand of goat products in the domestic and international markets.
The emerging favourable market conditions and easy accessibility to improved goat technologies are also drawing the attention of agropreneurs. Important areas that could be of interest to investors include Abattoirs and Butcheries. Value is now being added to Goat meat and this includes Suuya production, Killishi production , Peppered Goat Meat, Packaged Goat Meat production, etc. Food processing factory are now making use of goat in their daily processing, e.g. Sausage production, Mince Pie, etc. continue reading here:

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