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April 28, 2014, 03:43:04 PM
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  • Lesgupnigeria
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 In the past,Nigeria has relied so much on oil that other sectors of.the economy have either been abandoned or little attention are being pay to them;agricultural sectors which remain one of the abandoned sector.
  In the 70's and 80's,agriculture is the main drive of the economy generating hundred of thousands of jobs for its people but in this new millenium,opposite is the case.
 For the first time in the history of Nigeria,government are now paying attention to the agriculture especially the cassava as a crop.  This is because Nigeria is the largest producer of cassava and also the economic impact cassava can make for the country and the populace.
 Thanks to the administration of President Goodluck Jonathan even though even though i am not a supporter of any political party.
 The believe is that proper partnership with the private sector will surely steer the ship of this government new-found-love to a glorious destination.
I hope this short article can also encourage young unemployed graduates and investors to venture into cassava farming to help them
create wealth and jobs for the people of this country.

Our cassava farm management programme is ongoing and with the few hectares of land remaining,we are open to people that wants to earn a living and create wealth for themselves and their family.

 Our cassava management programme is as follows:

     STAGE 1

Land lease  - #5,000/Hectare
1st ploughing   - #7,000
2nd ploughing - #7,000
10 Months improved TME419 Cassava stems                        #9,000
Planting         - #8,000

       STAGE 2

1st weeding    - #9,000
2litres of N.P.K @1800/litre  #3,600

     STAGE 3
2nd weeding    - #9,000
2litres of urea @#1,500/litre  #3,000

       STAGE 4

3rd weeding    - #9,000
Harvesting     - #5,000
Management fee - #40,000
Total cost                # 114,600
Target yield   = 25tons
1ton =#15,000 - #20,000
Income = #15,000 * 25= #375,000
Profit =#375,000 - #114,600
        = #260,400 within 10months
The production cost is paid at each stage of production with the #10,000 management fee.
  For agricultural information updates like us on

October 10, 2014, 09:20:15 AM
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  • Lesgupnigeria
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  About 500 acres of farmland for purchase located in Oyo state,Ogbomoso.
It goes for #60,000/acre
 Farmland good for cassava,oilpalm,rice,corn etc. on 08164628081,08092034147

October 13, 2014, 01:29:11 PM
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  • hajeeworld
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Hello good afternoon.
Pls i want to know where is the location of the farm site and how is the payment made? Is it at once or as they fall due? i am really interested in venturing into the cassava farming as  your proposal is very tempting.And if you dont mind, let me have your phone number for better communication.



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