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2015 Yara Prize for Agricultural Innovation in Africa (USD 60 000)
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March 23, 2015, 12:20:57 PM
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2015 Yara Prize for Agricultural Innovation in Africa (USD 60 000) – Call for Nomination

Application Deadline: June 19 2015

The nomination process for The Yara Prize
The mission of the Yara Prize is to contribute to the transformation of African agriculture and food and nutrition security, within a sustainable context, thereby helping to reduce hunger and poverty. The Yara Prize was established in 2005 as a direct response to the former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s call for a green revolution in Africa in 2004. It aims at celebrating significant achievements related to food and nutrition security and sustainable agriculture with a transformative power.
In 2015, the Yara Prize will have a special focus on  youth, women and agribusiness in Africa. The prize will also consider strongly those individuals who have contributed towards catalysing transformational change in support of an African Green Revolution.

To be eligible for the Prize, a nomination must be submitted in writing, in English or French. Please use these guidelines to ensure that we can properly evaluate your nomination. Full guidelines in both English and French can be downloaded from the links to the right.

In order to be considered by the Prize Committee, all nominations and supporting documentation must be received by June 19, 2015.

All nominations are confidential and the identity of the nominator, or nominating organization, will be kept in confidence.

Nominations should be sent to:

The Yara Prize 2015
Attn: Svein Flatebø
Address: Yara Prize Secretariat, P.O. Box 343 Skøyen, N-0213 Oslo, Norway
Tel: + 47 97 65 79 90

Please structure your nomination as below. The following information is the required minimum.

Name Full name of the nominator (Given name; family name)
Position Affiliation – professional, organizational
Address Professional – postal and e-mail
Telephone Contact phone numbers of nominator

About the NOMINEE
Name Full name of Prize candidate (Given name; family name)
Position Affiliation – professional or organizational, of the nominee
Address Professional – postal and e-mail
Telephone Contact phone numbers of nominee

Biographical details
• Date and place of birth
• Nationality
• Education
• Past and present positions
• Past and present professional affiliations
• Honors and awards

In brief: a short summary outlining the key arguments for the nomination (max: 500 words)

In detail: background, factual and detailed arguments for the nomination, which can include:

Direct achievements; the nominee’s contributions ...
… in measurable terms (results)
… in non-measurable terms
… to co-operation

Indirect impacts; the nominee’s contributions ...
… to work/results achieved by others
… as visionary, motivator and mobilizer
… to public knowledge and awareness

Supporting documents
• Citations and honors
• Recommendations
• Own articles, written work

For More Information:


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