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Green House Vegetable Production: The Cost, Benefits and the Ordeal.


As green house offers new hope of continuous production of vegetables (such as tomatoes and sweet peppers). The challenge is the cost of procurement from one and only Dizengoff (the so called Amiran Kits), observed a Kenya based electrical engineer turned farmer.
The owner of the Company vowed to make Nigeria highest exporter of Tomatoes, how will this be possible when they are selling their Amiran kit at a skyrocketed price which smallholder farmers cannot afford.
The truth is many young agropreneurs are willing to procure Amiran kits being supplied by Dizengoff, “Amiran kit is my target, and they offer loans but what am not sure is how viable the idea is” said Kenneth. Continue Reading here:

you quoted in one of the last paragraph "Dizengoff is requesting ova a million naira for this kit..." BUT CONVATING THE $2800 YOU QUOTED EARLIER, THE PRICE IS ABOUT N500,000. PLS CLEARIFY AS AM ABOUT TO QOUTE THE PRICE IN A PROPOSAL.

That is the exact price the Amiran kit is being sold in Kenya, the statement was made by a Kenya entrepreneur, but in Nigeria the kit is still over a 1 Million. Moreover, Nigeria monetary value is not the same with Kenya. Even in Kenya, farmers are still complaining of the high cost.


If i reduce domestic price of petrolium i reduce also the cost of productions that use this resourceeletricity and industry? Or it doesnt work?


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