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Plantain Farming Business:The Money Making Machine With 25Years Span

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  Plantain farming is one of the most preferred
farming in Nigeria by farmers because of its
high rate of return on investment,good cash
flow monthly and easy management of farms
when well established.
Demand for plantain flour for medicinal
purposes especially for diabetes patient
coupled with high local consumption
demand also make plantain profitable.
This is the cost of our plantain management
1st Stage
Land #60,000/acre
1st plough #5,000
2nd plough #5,000
800 suckers@#50 per sucker #40,000
Planting @#15/sucker #12,000
2nd stage
1st weeding #9,000
3rd stage
2nd weeding #9,000
4th stage
3rd weeding #9000
5th stage
4th weeding #9,000
Harvesting #9,000
Total Cost =#167,000
After 10 months,Assuming 700 suckers
survive and about 500 sucker fruit at
10months after planting with 1 bunch/ plant
= 500 bunch of plantain.
#800/bunch(conservative price,its usually
#1,200 - #1,400)
Income = #800*500 = #400,000
2nd year
1500 bunches are produced (lets be
conservative with 1000 bunches.
Income for year 2 =#800*1000 = #800,000
Year 3
Income =#800*2000 = #1,600,000 and the
income keeps increasing every year.
The payment interval between each stage is
To participate in the programme, send email

This is great. if our government can help in funding all these I believe most our unemployed youths will be comfortable and povety will erased from our great country. And please where is this progrome taking place.

 Our plantain management programme is located in Ogun,Oyo and Osun State.
To.participate email or call 08164628081,01-7910494 for.more info.
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You can never go wrong with plantain farming business.
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Are you sure of the cost of land per acre, is it for sales or on a lease, are there facilities ( especially equipment and labour) readily available in your locations.


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