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Ulcer in Catfish: Symptoms and Treatments


Ulcer Is the disease most feared by farmers because the catfish can cause mass death.
The cause of the emergence of this disease is Aeromonas and Pseudomonas in which they meenyerang catfish organs, like liver, spleen and meat.

Symptoms: exhibited by catfish attacked by this disease is the appearance of ulcers throughout the skin surface lelel fish. This ulcer will ooze pus jikan this disease blow up.

Several treatment measures that can be done is: Catfish quarantine the sick and giving antibiotics in catfish are still healthy to improve their endurance. Antibiotics may be given by way mixed into the feed catfish at a dose of antibiotic is 1 mg / kg of feed. Besides the pool water sprinkled with some 10 kilograms of salt mixed with papaya leaves the collision.


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