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Useful Tips for transplanting vegetables
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June 13, 2018, 11:37:09 AM
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According to Mother earth living, an online agri-solutions platform, transplants need to be moved into moist and well prepared soil which allows them to recover faster from transplanting shock.

So, one should as much as possible avoid walking on the soil that will house the transplants, but preferably work from a pathway.

The soil needs to be loosened at least to a shovel depth, with significant amount of organic matter incorporated and raked smoothly prior to transplanting.

Depending on which vegetable you want to transplant, peppers and eggplants are best transplanted during warm weather and warm soil.

Similarly, weeds need to be effectively dealt with by applying mulch immediately after planting. The mulch should be applied at least one inch away from the transplants stem to allow for air circulation, in addition to preventing disease problems.

After successfully transplanting in the field/ garden, the transplants need to be watered thoroughly

Meanwhile, tropical permaculture, another online agri-solution platform advice that plants like cauliflowers and lettuce do not do well under intense heat, while plants tomatoes doesn’t stand humidity.

Again, too much heat and humidity leads to transplants having stress which may attract insect and other pests. This is because stressed plants emit substances which could be easily detected by pests.

So it is advised that vegetables are planted on good and deep soil with regular supply of moisture, in addition to planting them in the right position.

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July 12, 2018, 10:53:24 AM
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Nice info! We are also planning to transplant the seedlings into our garden. Some tips that we received were:

- Use only healthy transplants.

- Moisten the garden soil before planting.

- Give the seedlings a watering before transplanting as well.

- Be gentle with plants.

- Don't let the transplanted seedlings dry out.

- To check out for any type of garden pests signs.

Pests are likely to get attracted when they get favorable conditions. Therefore, it is important to get it regularly checked or sprayed by the exterminator Vacaville CA professionals to let your plants bloom in a healthy environment.


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